By Frasers Trading Post
Bear Skin Rugs
Real Animal Skin Rugs
All Rugs are Mounted with an Open Mouth
and two layers of felt backing

(click on animals for detailed photos)



Price Each

Bear Skin Rug

4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft

$850, $1000, $1200

Children's Bear Rugs

3 ft, 6 ft

$39.95, $99.95

Coyote Skin Rug

one size


Fox Skin Rug

one size


Mountain Lion (Cougar) Rug one size $1500

Raccoon Skin Rug

one size


Bobcat Skin Rug

one size


Questions? Want to place an Order? Email Fraser's
or Call 207-746-3938 or Toll Free 1-877-746-3938

Due to time, expense and limited showroom area, all special order mounted animals
require a
50% deposit before work begins

This is a non-refundable deposit

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