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Skulls Skulls: Available for all animals
Bear claw necklaces
deer But
Deer Rump, $175
Deer Foot Thermometer, $65
Gun racks: 2 deer foot gun rack $125 or 4 deer foot gun rack only $175
Deer Foot Lamp, 1 foot(wall mount) $75, 3 foot(table mount) $155
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Bear Claws, hind claws $10 each, front claws $15 each
mooselampweb.jpg (9848 bytes)
Moose Foot Lamp 1 foot (table mount) $150
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Tails: Fox $10, Coyote $10, Raccoon $8, Bobcat $5
Rabbit Pelts: Black, White and Natural $10 each
Deer Antlers
Deer Antlers on panel, 8 point $125
Bra Liners
Fur Bra Liners: Soft Beaver, $35
1kidsbearweb.jpg (128790 bytes) Faux Fur Bear or Moose Rug for Your Child  

youthdbweb.jpg (15028 bytes) Youth Daniel Boone Cap: Sizes small, medium & large, $30
hidetanweb.jpg (17966 bytes) Trapper's Hide Tan Solution: Tan your hides at home  $10.00

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