By Frasers Trading Post
Lifesize and Shoulder Mounts of Bear, Coyote, Deer, Fox, Raccoon, Antelope, Caribou, Moose, Bobcat, Fisher, Mink, Marten, Otter, Weasel
Mounted Animals

(All of the below prices include Fraser's Trading Post supplying the hides and antlers for mounting)

Shoulder Mounted Animals:
Fitted on a hard wood panel for $50

Lifesize Mounted Animals:
Special Bases available at extra cost of $50-$250 depending on size of animal and the amount of habitat that is in the base.

(click on the animals for detailed photos)

Animal Shoulder Mounts Lifesize Mounts
Antelope $550
Badger $850
Bear 4' $600 Call for Pricing
Bear 5' $600 Call for Pricing
Bear 6' $600 Call for Pricing
Beaver $725
Bobcat $250 $800
Cougar Call for Pricing
Coyote $300 $750
Dall Sheep Please  Call Call for Pricing
Deer $500 - 700 Call for Pricing
Fisher $600
Fox Arctic $225 $700
Fox Red $225 $600
Fox Grey $225 $600
Lynx $1600
Marten $375
Mink $325
Moose $1900 and up Call for Pricing
Porcupine $650
River Otter $700
Raccoon $200 $600
Squirrel $225
Weasel $225
Wolf $550 Call for Pricing
Wolverine $1500

The above prices include Fraser's Trading Post supplying the animal skin.
3/4 mounts are available in all sizes of bears at 70 percent of the lifesize prices.

All mounts require 50% non refundable deposit before any work begins.

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