Children's Faux Fur Bear/Moose Rug

Here is the perfect gift for your child.  These small faux fur rugs are all approximately 38" long from the front paw to the rear paw. They are perfect for any child to snuggle.  They make a great wall piece to decorate a room with.  Children of all ages will love these items to lay on as a baby and to play with as your toddler begins to grow and play.  The cost of these rugs is $39.95.  We also have available a 6' version of the bear rug available for $99.95(see photo below).

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Here is a close up of the face of the bear.  He has a real cute face and his teeth are soft and made from cloth.  His claws are soft and made from faux fur.  It is cute and cuddly like a stuffed animal for your child.   He is very non-threatening.






The moose has soft cloth antlers and is perfect for the child that just loves one of natures largest animals.  He even has the famous "beard" under his chin just like the "big boys" you see in the wild.





Here is another bear rug we have available it has a closed mouth and is a shorter faux fur material.  Very soft and a great item for your child to play with.







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Here is a larger version of a bear rug for your children.  The rug is 6' long and made with soft faux fur.  The head has an open mouth with fur teeth and fur claws.  The price on this rug is $99.95






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