Bear Claws and Bear claw Necklaces
See pictures of our jewelry and single claws below

This made in Maine jewelry is made with gold beads, natural bone hair pipe beads and real bear claws.  They are available in 1 claw for $35, 2 claws for $45, 3 claws for $55 and 4 claws for $60. 

We also use replica items to make more unusual jewelry.  We have the following replica items that can be used for a necklace; Kodiak claws, Polar bear claws, wolf claws and canine teeth and mountain lion claws.

So when it comes time to get a gift for that hard to buy for person just give us a call and we can help solve your problem. 

Great conversation piece.

Real Bear Claws can not be sold in some states!

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real maine bear claws


These are the real Black Bear claws we have available.  They are cleaned and polished and can be drilled to your specifications. 

They are available for $10 for a small claw and $15 for a large.   





bearclawsize.jpg (4272 bytes)Claws are measured as shown in the photo. 
Large claws are 1 3/4 -2 1/4"
Small claws are 1 1/4 -1 3/4"




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